Hope you’re celebrating the harvest season.

As you undoubtedly know, Ontario Ag Week began on Monday, October 2nd and continues until Sunday, October 8th, the day before Thanksgiving. It’s a week for celebrating bountiful crops and the farmers who grow them in our wonderful province.

Create some buzz in the media and online about Ontario Ag Week at your market.

Established in 1998, the Ag Week tradition pays tribute to Ontario farmers and their produce  –  so make sure you do just that, every way you can!

Send a media release to your local radio station describing how you’ll celebrate – and to your local daily, if your market day is Saturday or Sunday. (For tips on how to write a news release, log into the FMO website as a member, click on View Member-Only Resources and then scroll down to click on Media Tips: Tips for Writing News Releases.)

Use your social media channels to tell your customers about Ontario Ag Week at your market and encourage them to invite their friends to check out your page ­– and your market (click here for social media tips!).

Plan some special fall-related festivities at your market this week to mark the occasion. It could be as simple – and fun! – as a puppet show, face painting, or bobbing for apples for the kids.

Ontario Ag Week is also a great opportunity to educate your customers about the meaning of the MyPick® logo on a vendor’s sign—especially in the light of the recent CBC Marketplace TV program about resellers at certain markets passing themselves off as local farmers. FMO created the MyPick® Verified Local Farmer® authentication program in 2008 to reassure shoppers that they really are buying from local farmers selling only what they grow.

Get your vendors and customers involved by interviewing a MyPick® vendor and sharing their profile on your market’s social media pages, as we’ve frequently done. Check out an example here. This is an exciting week so get your market revved up by sharing tons of photos. It’ll add up to more fun, more customers, more engagement, and ultimately, more success for your market! (And don’t forget to urge vendors and customers alike to enter our Instagram Photo Contest! Promote it on your market’s website as well as on your Facebook page.)