The MyPick® Verified Local Farmer® logo was developed to identify the real stars of Ontario farmers’ markets: bona fide local farmers selling only what they grow, raise or otherwise produce on their farms.

The MyPick® program will level the playing field so consumers will know which vendors are which: authentic local farmers or resellers of cheap food terminal sell–offs.


What you get





  • Help in locating nearby farmers’ markets in need of your products, including contact information.
  • Your profile on the website
  • Valuable advice, including how to create an appealing display and tips on how best to communicate with customers
  • Eye-catching 11″ x 17″ vendor signs and a supply of two-sided 3″ x 5″ cards to tell your customers about you and your farm (available for purchase).


All conventional and organic growers and producers in Ontario may apply and must submit a list of all the produce/products they intend to sell, indicating when these items will be available for market.

Learn more about eligibility.

Farm inspections

All farms will be visited by an independent farm inspector hired by FMO and there will be zero tolerance for the reselling of products not grown by the vendor. Inspections will be repeated yearly. The application form includes farm identity through the FBR system, number of acres per crop, land base verified by municipal tax assessments and/or rental agreements, and expenses related to farm supply purchases. This will establish that the farm is a bona fide operation and items sold are consistent with the number of acres proposed. Where a farm has certification with an organization such as LFP, OCPP or OCIA, that certification will be recognized by FMO.

To apply

Click here to apply to become a MyPick member. Or for more information, please call 1-800-387-3276.


In order to maintain its sustainability, Farmers’ Markets Ontario has implemented an annual membership/verification fee.

MyPick® Member:
  • New Applicant Fee is: $100 + HST = $113 (posters & cards optional)
  • Annual Renewal Fee is: $50 + HST = $56.50 (Reprint for posters & cards are ordered separately and at the applicant’s expense)