About Bosco Farms


“Ontario consumers should be fed by Ontario farmers,” declares Boz Toic when discussing his passion for food sovereignty.  An economist who was raised on a farm, he pursues his belief by cultivating 30,000 square feet of greenhouse gardens as well as 60
acres of fertile Norfolk County loam. He produces a wide range of vegetables – both heirloom & unique varieties – which are
marketed bearing the Bosco Farms “Sweetee Belle” logo.

Farmer(s) Bozidar Toic
Address 1105 Conc. 6, R. R. #1
Waterford ON N0E 1Y0
Our Products Huge variety of vegetables, cantaloupes, perennials
Our Practices Traditional practices, pesticide management and seed saving
Our Markets Liberty Village MyMarket and Ontario retail stores, restaurants and institutions
Phone 519-770-6223
Email d3ptplay@yahoo.com
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