About Kiefro Farm


Kiefro Farm is owned by Gerry Oleynik and Sophie Lalande. We raise quality wild boar meat. The animals are raised outdoors year-round. They are raised ethically in a natural environment without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. Wild boar meat is leaner than pork with a texture similar to venison but with a mild sweet flavor. The meat is high in protein and minerals and lower in cholesterol than beef. It is considered a red meat.

Farmer(s) Gerry Oleynik & Sophie Lalande
Address 2079 Nolan Rd
Hammond ON K0A 2A0
Our Products all varieties of cuts available, bacon, various sausages
Our Practices naturally raised, no antibiotics, no hormones, vegetarian diet, outside all year
Our Markets Selling at farm gate {call before} and at Cumberland Farmers' Market
Phone 613-978-1114
Website http://www.facebook.com/kiefro
Email kiefro@hotmail.com
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